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Harry: “How did you break your arm? In a bouncy house?”

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The second album will go to no. 1. I’m not being a dick, but it probably will.
/I told her from the start I'll break your heart/

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July 3, 1966 - John Lennon photographed by Robert Whitaker on The Beatles’ flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong.

“The Beatles had different ways to amuse themselves during long journeys. They would read, play games or mess about with Ringo’s tape recorder. When John wasn’t buried in a book he would often write or doodle. This time I was intrigued by what he was drawing. I looked over his shoulder and to my amusement he was defacing a picture of the group.” - Robert Whitaker

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Beautiful Close-Up Photos Reveal Portuguese Man-Of-Wars’ Stinging Tentacles

By Aaron Ansarov

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